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Reston VirginiaReston, Virginia is unique community about twenty miles outside of Washington, D.C. Reston was one of the first designed communities in the 1960s. It was created with a wide variety of housing options and neighborhoods that are connected with biking and walking trails making it easy to travel throughout the city and into the city center. The community covenants block any chains from setting up shop inside the city limits which gives the city center a unique feel. Money Magazine recognized the unique atmosphere that is family friendly when it named Reston on its list of Best Places to Live in America in 2017.*

With the number of walking trails and the expansive Lake Fairfax Park, which offers boating and hiking opportunities, there are a number of places for termites to live. Termites can quickly invade your property and cause extensive damage to your home, which is your most valuable asset. It is important to schedule annual inspections for termites, and EcoTek offers free termite inspections. If no termites are found, you can rest easy for another year. If termites are found, you can take advantage of the turnkey termite control solution, which includes the treatment for termites, clean up and repair of termite damage and continued monitoring to make sure that the termites do not come back. Contact EcoTek to set up your free inspection today.

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  • How to Determine if You Have Termites

    Many people do not realize that they have termites until the damage has already been done. However, there are signs of termite infestation that you should watch for in order to catch an infestation before it becomes very serious.

    • Discarded Wings
      Termites will swarm in the spring, and once they reach their new colony, they will discard their wings. If you see a pile of discarded wings, it is a sign of a new colony.
    • Mud Tubes
      Termites build mud tubes to protect them as they crawl up your foundation and into your home. If you see narrow tubes of mud on your foundation, this is a sign of termites.
    • Wood Damage
      Wood damage often occurs in areas where you will not see it, but if you notice damage in long grooves or squeaky floorboards, these are signs of termites. .
    Wood Damage
    Wood Damage
    Termite Wings
    Termite Wings

    Mud Tubes

    While you may want to wait until you have signs of termites to take action, it is important to act proactively when it comes to termites. You should have a termite inspection done annually. The spring is a good time to schedule this since it is when many termite colonies wills warm. At EcoTek, we offer free termite inspections. If your home is termite free, we will let you know. If the technician does find termites, he will give you a written estimate that includes a treatment plan, a list of repairs that need to be made and the cost of completing them. We also offer a turnkey termite service that includes treatment, clean up and repairs as well as monitoring to make sure the termites do not return.

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    Potent Termite Treatments

    At EcoTek, we use Termidor SC, which is one of the most effective termiticides on the market. It is safe to use around your home. The treatment will be applied to the top of your foundation and the termites will wander through it and take it back to the colony where it will kill the queen. The treatment is effective in preventing new termite infestations for up to ten years.

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    Chemical Free Monitoring Stations

    We also use chemical free monitoring stations that allow us to check for termite activity on your property. Our technician will set up these bait stations around your property and check them quarterly to see if there are any signs of termites. The bait stations are made up of wood cardboard and cellulose, which naturally attracts termites but are completely safe for your family, your pets and wildlife in the area.

    Wood Destroying Insect Reports and Free Inspection Services

    At EcoTek, we will complete a free WDIR 100 report that offers the most in depth free inspection in the industry. The WDIR 100 reports will report on the condition of your property in regard to WDOs (wood destroying insects). This includes termites, carpenter bees, powder post beetles and wood borers.
    We also offer our free WDIR termite inspection reports to:

    • Commercial properties
    • Institutional properties
    • Multi-family units
    • Realtors
    • Residential builder services

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    +Structural TermiteGuard Warranty and Renewal Program

    EcoTek provides a +Structural termite coverage agreement that will eliminate termites and prevent termites from coming back. It also includes protection of your home from other pests including cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, fleas and ticks or any other insect that may invade your home. We will rid your home of these pests giving you a pest free environment that is safe you your family and your pets. Our +Structural Termite Guard warranty provides that if there is any insect activity and/or damage on your property after we have completed a treated or started monitoring it with bait stations, that we will treat your property and repair any damages at no cost to you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can I do to prevent termites?

    There are several things you can do to prevent termites. The first is to create a barrier of gravel around your home and to be sure to keep wood and mulch away from the foundation of your home. Be sure that you have exclusion barriers installed over any vents and that your roof is in good repair. Be sure to stack firewood away from your home.

    How do I tell the difference between carpenter ants and termites?

    The appearance is the easiest way to tell the two apart. Carpenter ants look like larger ants with tiny waists and a clearly segmented body. Termites have a wider waist and looking uniform in size. Termite wings are the same size, while ant wings are two different sizes.

    How do the monitoring stations work?

    The monitoring stations will naturally attract any termites that make their way onto your property. A technician will check them quarterly and begin to treat for termites if any activity is found. This allows us to quickly monitor the termite situation of your property without using any chemicals.

    How long will a termite inspection take?

    A termite inspection can take between thirty minutes to an hour. We ask that you be at home during the initial inspection so our technician can have access to all areas of your property. At the end of the inspection you will receive a WDIR 100 report and if termites are found, a plan to treat the termites as well as a list of repairs that need to be completed.

    How much damage can termites do to my property?

    Termites can eat through an entire house in about two years, and a colony will eat about a pound of wood a day. Many people do not recognize the signs of an infestation until serious damage has already occurred. If you suspect you have termites schedule an inspection right away.

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