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Springfield, Virginia is a family friendly community located just outside of Washington D.C. Only fifteen miles from the city, it has two commuter train lines with stops for the Metro Blue Line and the Virginia Railway Express. With a population of 30,484,* and neighborhoods planned in the 1950s, Springfield can still feel like a small town not far from the busy city. There are plenty of shopping centers in the city with including the renovated Springfield Town Center.

When you buy a home, it is one of your most valuable assets. It provides protection for you and your family. It is important to protect your house from insects that may harm it like termites. Termites can be a problem in Springfield with the combination of older homes and new builds, it is important to take the steps to protect your home from the thousands of dollars of damages that termites can do to a home. Many homeowners do not realize they have termites until it is too late. This is why it is important to have your home inspected for termites on an annual basis. The experts at EcoTek Termite and Pest Control offer free termite inspections. If you do not have termites, our technicians will let you know. If you do have termites, then you will receive a free written estimate that will outline the cost for termite treatment and repairs. Our turnkey termite control solution will cover treatment, cleanup, repairs and continued monitoring, so that you never have to worry about termites again. Contact EcoTek today to set up your free inspection.

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  • How to Determine if You Have Termites

    Many homeowners do not realize that they have termites until damage has already begun. This is because termites do their damage behind the walls in wood that you do not see. There are signs that you can look for:

    • Discarded Wings
      Termites will remove their wings after they swarm to a new colony because they no longer need them. If you see piles of discarded wings, you likely have a colony that is newly established..
    • Mud Tubes
      Termites will build long narrow tubes of mud along your foundation. They travel up these tubes into the wood of your house. If you see these mud tubes, which are the width of a pencil, you likely have termites./li>

    • Wood Damage
      If you see damaged wood that goes in long grooves, this is a sign of termites. You may also begin to notice squeaky floors.
    Wood Damage
    Wood Damage
    Termite Wings
    Termite Wings

    Mud Tubes

    The longer you wait to treat for termites, the more damage that they can cause. If you suspect that you have termites or notice any of the signs above, you should contact a professional immediately. At EcoTek, we offer a free estimate that includes the cost of eliminating the termites and cleaning up any damage, as well as a quote that includes the cost of any repairs. This is an optional service, but our prices are lower than what you would pay an independent contractor. We offer a turnkey termite service that includes treating for termites, cleanup and repairs including a continued monitoring service that will make sure that you do not ever need to worry about termites again.

    Termite Control Morrisville

    Powerful Termite Treatments

    At EcoTek, we use Termidor SC which is the best liquid termiticide available in the market. It has been voted the most effective product for the last five years. It is safer than products that you can buy at the store. The treatment is applied along the top of your foundation. The termites will then carry it back to the colony where it will kill the queen and eliminate the entire colony.

    organic Termite Pest Control Morrisville

    Chemical Free Monitoring Stations

    Our chemical free monitoring system allows us to safely watch for termites. Our technicians will place several bait stations around your property. The cores of the monitoring stations are made up of wood, cardboard and cellulose which naturally attracts any termites that may be on your property. Our technicians will check them quarterly. If termites are found, then we can begin treatment.

    Wood Destroying Insect Reports and Free Inspection Services

    At EcoTek, we offer a free WDIR report that is one of the most thorough termite inspections available. The WDIR 100 report will report on the current condition of your home in relation to wood destroying organisms (WDOs). The inspections will include a wide variety of wood boring insects including powder post beetles, carpenter bees, wood borers and termites.
    This free WDIR 100 termite inspection reports are available to:

    • Commercial properties
    • Institutional properties
    • Multi-family units
    • Realtors
    • Residential Builder Services

    calendar check

    +Structural TermiteGuard Warranty and Renewal Program

    At EcoTek, we pride ourselves on the +Structural termite safeguard agreement that not only covers eliminating any termites and stopping them from returning, but also includes protection against a variety of other types of pests too. The coverage includes termites, ants, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, ticks and any other insects that are unwelcome in your home. We will eliminate them to give you a pest free environment! Our +Structural TermiteGuard guarantee provides that if there is any insect activity and/or destruction that happens after we complete a treatment or start monitoring your home with bait stations, that we will take way the pests, and take care of clean up and repair your home at no cost to you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it necessary for me to be home during an inspection?

    You will need to be home during an inspection so that our technician can access all the areas of your home necessary to complete a thorough inspection for termites.

    Are the monitoring stations safe?

    The monitoring stations consist of cores of wood and cardboard. These are completely safe for other animals and your family. The material attracts termites that are already on your property and allow our technicians to quickly check for termite activity, so that we can begin treatment right away. We check the stations quarterly.

    Is the treatment safe for my family?

    The treatments are safe for your family. The treatments are made directly to your foundation and are not completed inside of the home. They will continue to work for several years after the treatment. Termidor SC is considered one of the safest products on the market.

    How can I tell the difference between termites and ants?

    Termites have wider bodies that are uniform in length. They are black and if they have wings the two sets are uniform in length. The carpenter ants have segmented bodies and look similar to household ants, only slightly larger. If they have wings, the two sets are different sizes.

    How often should I have my home inspected for termites?

    We recommend scheduling an annual inspection for termites. Since termites tend to swarm in the spring, this is a good time to schedule your inspection. If you suspect you might have termites, you should schedule an inspection right away.

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