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At EcoTek, our Home Services Professional understand how home performance issues like pest and wildlife infestation and damage, moisture and humidity problems, energy efficiency indoor air quality and interior comfort are all related. At EcoTek, we educate our customers on the root causes and complicated issues of home performance problems. We will take the time necessary to explain each of our services in order to help you choose the most effective and fordable option for both the protection and maintenance of your home, your most valuable investment.
The EcoTek Home services team has over 45 years combined experience in Home Build and Repair, Crawlspace Services and Energy Efficiency. Our team of highly qualified professionals understand how houses work and can help you maintain a clean healthy, dry, odor free, pest free and comfortable home that is energy efficient. A few fixes can prevent pests from entering your home. Call or fill out our form today to request a free in-home inspection and consultation.

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The EcoTek Home Services Team specializes in:
  • Crawlspace Encapsulation
  • Humidity and Moisture Control
  • Wood Rot Repair
  • Mildew and Odor Mitigation
  • Termite Damage Repair
  • Wildlife Damage Repair
  • Pest Exclusion and Weatherization

EcoTek feels that it is important to take proactive measures to prevent future pest infestations in addition to eliminating pests and repairing any damage they may have done. These proactive measures can also make your home more energy efficient. These preventative measures can actually pay for themselves by helping to lower your power bills and preventing future infestations which can save you on exterminations services. Learn how EcoTek can help prevent the need for future extermination services and lower your power bills with our home performance services.

A well-sealed home is one of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient. It will keep your heat and air conditioning in, while keeping precipitation out. Learn how EcoTek can lower your power bills and help you save money.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

crawlspace encapsulationMost people do not realize that half of the air you are breathing inside your home comes from your crawlspace. An unsealed crawlspace will allow damp, moldy, dusty, unhealthy and smelly air to enter your home. If your crawlspace is wet and humid, it can seriously damage your home. EcoTek has the solution to your crawlspace issues. The EcoTek Crawlspace Encapsulation service, you can reduce the risk of these potentially serious issues:

  • Moisture, Humidity & Standing Water in Crawlspace
  • Wood Rot and Structural Water Damage
  • Mold, Mildew, & Other Fungi
  • Conducive Conditions for Termites, Wood Destroying Insects & Other Pests
  • Odors & Poor Indoor Air Quality

Learn more about how crawlspace encapsulation can make your home healthier by eliminating the moisture under your home.

Humidity and Moisture Control

crawl space floodingStanding water, moisture and humidity can adversely affect indoor air quality and wreak havoc on your home. These conditions can cause wood rot, mold, mildew, termite infestation, fungi and crawlspace odors. If you are experiencing any of these issues, you need customized, cost-effective moisture management by a company that has specialized in solving these issues. The EcoTek Home Services Division has over 40 years of experience in damage remediation, moisture management, construction, residential repairs and home performance. Our team specializes in:

  • Vapor Barriers
  • Wood Rot & Moisture Damage Repairs
  • Water Drainage Systems
  • Crawlspace/Basement Sump Pumps
  • Dehumidification Systems

Learn more about how EcoTek humidity and moisture control services can help you.

Wood Rot Repair

wood rot repairWood rot can pose a serious challenge to the aesthetic and structural integrity of your home. Standing water, condensation, water vapor, rain leaks and splash-up can all cause wood rot. If you notice signs of wood rot in your basement or crawl space, around the exterior doors or the exterior facing areas of your home, the EcoTek Home Services Division can help. Our team has over 45 years of combine experiences with general residential construction, residential repairs and moisture damage remediation, as well moisture management and home performance. Our wood rot repair services can help with:

  • Crawlspace/Basement Rot (Floor Joists, Rim Joists, Band Joists, Mud-Sill)
  • Exterior Doors, Door Thresholds & Trim (Brick Molding)
  • Wood Floor & Sub-Floor Damage
  • Exterior Rainwater Splash-Up Rot (Wall Framing, Studs, Bottom Plates, Siding, Trim, etc)

Learn how EcoTek can complete the wood rot repairs to the area of your home, crawlspace or basement that are currently weak from moisture and humidity.

Mildew and Odor Mitigation

mold and mildewIndoor air quality is a key aspect of having a healthy home. Many people overlook just how important this is. If you have a strong odor in your home from the crawlspace or that basement, it is a strong sign that the air quality in your home is compromised. Air quality issues can negatively affect your respiratory health. If you or your loved ones have allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems, addressing the air quality in your home can make a big difference. With over 45 years of combined experience in mildew remediation, moisture and humidity management and indoor air quality management, the EcoTek Home Services team can help with a variety of mildew treatments.

  • Mildewcide & Fungicide Treatments For:
    • Crawlspace/Basement
    • Floor System, (Floor Joists, Rim Joists, Band Joists)
    • Sub-Floor, Mud-Sill
  • Replacement of Building Materials With Mildew/Fungi Growth (As Indicated)
    • Crawlspace/Basement
    • Floor System, (Floor Joists, Rim Joists, Band Joists)
    • Sub-Floor, Mud-Sill
    • Lower Interior Wall Materials (Drywall, Insulation, Molding/Trim)
  • Elimination of Foul, Musty, Unpleasant Odors Inside Home
    • Air Sealing of Crawlspace/Floor Barrier
    • Moisture Mitigation of Crawlspace/Basement/Foundation

Termite and Wildlife Damage Repair

roof damageIf you have found termite damage or damage caused by other pests such as squirrels, rodents or bats, it is important to repair it as quickly as possible. This damage can affect the structural integrity of your home, as well as the indoor air quality. The damage may be more extensive than you realize since it often hidden. The experienced team at EcoTek can locate, identify and complete the necessary repairs. With over 45 years of experience in construction, home performance and pest and wildlife control, the EcoTek home services team can eliminate the culprit pests and fix any damage they have caused. Our Termite and Wildlife Damage Repair Services can:

  • Termite Damage – Structural Repairs (Floor Joists, Mudsill, Wall Studs)
  • Rodent Damage – Interior Gnawing Damage, Cabinet, Baseboard Damage
  • Squirrel Damage – Entry Damage, Soffit and Fascia Repairs
  • Bat Damage – Guano Removal, Hepa Clean-up and Exclusion
  • Other Pest and Wildlife Damage – Insulation Damage Repair/Replacement, Odor Mitigation

The first step is to eliminate the termites or trapping and removing wildlife or rodent. Then the cleanup and repair services can help restore your property back to the original condition with our termite damage repair and wildlife repair services.

Pest Exclusion and Weatherization

pigeons in atticInsects and other pests use the same cracks that allow in the musty, cold and humid air. When you work to prevent drafty and smelly air from getting inside you can prevent spiders, bats, mice rats, roaches, snakes, possums and raccoons from finding their way inside your home. Any small entrance point to your home, including plumbing, HVAC penetrations and electrical access in your ceilings, floors and walls can negatively impact energy efficiency, indoor air quality and your family’s comfort. With the EcoTek Pest Exclusion and Weatherization service you can address both the air issues and pest control issues at the same time. This service includes screen, blocking, caulking and spray foaming all the points of enter in the building envelope to keep stop the drafts, weather and pest from getting in. This will give you a clean and efficient home that is healthy and comfortable. The EcoTek Pest Exclusion and Weatherization Services includes:

  • Caulking and Targeted Spray Foam
  • Blocking and Screening
  • Crawlspace/Floor Barrier Seal
  • Foundation Wall Seal
  • Attic/Ceiling Barrier Seal
  • Eaves, Soffit, Fascia, Roof Breaches
  • Wall, Siding and Sheathing Repairs

The EcoTek pest exclusion service will effectively close off points of entry in the building envelope to keep pests outside. With each of the potential entry points sealed, you can rest easy knowing that your home or company is protected from rodents or wildlife from getting inside your home or business and destroying your most valuable asset.