Humidity and Moisture Control Services

crawlspace floodingHumidity and moisture control issues under your home can weaken structural members by causing wood rot. The wet conditions can also cause mildew, mold and fungi growth, which can cause unpleasant, musty odors and negatively impact the indoor air quality of your home. This can negatively affect the on the residents in your home. When untreated wood is softened by humidity, moisture and rot, it can more easily become a tasty meal for termites and other wood destroying organisms.

What you may consider a minor nuisance can actually threaten your health and the structural integrity of your home. The experts at EcoTek can diagnosing and eliminate the presence of cause of the complex problems associated with the moisture and humidity in crawlspaces and basements, including rainwater leaks, standing water, drainage problems, condensation, wood rote, fungi growth, termite damage indoor air quality issues and crawlspace odor mitigation.

If you notice signs like cracked or peeling paint, a musty order in your home or mold, you should have an inspection done to check if there is an issue in your crawlspace or basement. Moisture and humidity control can offer protection for people who suffer from asthma or mold allergies. Humidity and moisture control will allow you to protect your family and home. Contact EcoTek today to learn about the services we offer and schedule an inspection.

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If your business or home has any of the issues listed above, trust the experts EcoTek to remedy the issue with one or a combination of these services:

  • Vapor Barrier Installation – Reinforced poly ground cover (6 mil or thicker), taped seams,
    100% ground coverage
  • Dehumidification Systems – Reinforced poly ground cover that is 6 mil or thicker with 100% ground coverage and taped seams.
  • Crawlspace Vent Sealing -The installation of a dehumidifier with a permanent GFCI electrical receptacle in the crawlspace along with a permanent condensate drain through your foundation wall that is sealed with a foam sealant.
  • Water Drainage Systems – Install French drain system around the exterior of the foundation wall, an interior drain is another option that includes trenching to footings with a corrugated drain pipe around the perimeter that will empty into a drainage ditch or catch basin at a low side corner of the foundation. This will include backfill with a layer of aggregate and soil. This option will address standing water issues in your home.
  • Crawlspace/Basement Sump Pumps – Installation of sump pump that is float switch operate with a permanent GFCI electrical receptacle, permanent drain line through the crawlspace to a line that will drain outside. This is sealed with a foam sealant and includes the installation of a liner with PVC piping and gravel aggregate. This is a good option extreme cases of standing water.

The EcoTek home performance professional can do the dirty work for you. The process will begin with a thorough inspection. The EcoTek team will analyze the problem and determine the causes and complications and then develop a cost—effective solution customized to your situation to make sure your home stays safe and healthy.

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