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Northern VirginiaEcoTek Termite and Pest Control provides affordable, yet effective pest control options for termite control and other extermination services in the Arlington and Fairfax County areas. EcoTek can eliminate ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, ticks, and wasps both inside and outside of your business or home. EcoTek can also help with the trapping and removal of any rodents that may invade your home. In addition to the removal of these pests, EcoTek offers a package that includes clean up, decontamination and repairs of damages that these pests can do to your home.

EcoTek has been providing quality service since 2011. We are proud to serve in the Arlington area, and we understand the specific environment of the region including the different pests that all this area home. Our technicians are trained to identify the various types of pests and to determine a treatment plan that is designed specifically for your needs based on your property, preferences and seriousness of the infestation. We offer free inspections and free estimates before we begin service.

Contact EcoTek Termite & Pest Control first when you are in need of all types of pest control services. We work to help you protect your family and home from the diseases and other dangers that these pests can bring into your home.

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Ant Control

ant exterminationEcoTek exterminators are experienced at eliminating ants inside of your home as well on your property outsides. Our technicians understand how each of the different types of ants can invade your home and damage your property or hurt your family members. Each type of ant requires a different treatment method to eliminate. Virginia is home to fire ants, carpenter ants and household ants. Whether you are dealing with the carpenter ants that can damage your home similar to termites or you are fighting an invasion of household ants. We can help you.

Many homeowners try to treat the ants themselves, and they may eliminate them for a short time, but in order to stop the ants from coming in, you must eliminate the queen which will then kill the entire colony. The experts at EcoTek can identify where the colony is and apply treatment so that you no longer have an issue with ants. We offer both organic and conventional treatments that are safe for your family and your pest. Learn more about our ant control services.

Termite Control

termite exterminationTermites can be difficult to spot since they do most of their damage on the walls inside of your home. There are signs that you can look for like the mud tubes you see pictured on the right. These pencil thin tubes will run up your foundation into your home. They are a sign that you have termites eating the inside of your home. Termites can cause expensive damage that compromises the wooden structure of your building and ultimately it will lower the value of your property. Some termites will eat through electrical wiring which can cause a potential fire hazard.

If you suspect that you may termites, you need to contact EcoTek right away. The longer you wait to call, the more damage that the termites can do to your home. EcoTek Termite and Pest Control has been exterminating termites since 2011. We offer a turnkey termite control solution that will not eliminate the termites in your home, as well as take care of cleanup and repairs, as well as offer a continuing monitoring services, so that you never have to worry about termites coming back. Contact us to set your free termite inspection today. Annual inspections a good idea, and since termites tend to swarm in the spring, this is a good time of year to schedule these visits.

Bed Bug Control

bed bug exterminationBed bugs are creatures that will live in your mattress, box springs or behind your headboard. They will crawl out at night to feed. They will bite in several times during a single feeding leaving a row of bed bugs at night. The bites are small and itchy. You may also notice blood stains on your sheets or see droppings in your bedding or along the wall where they hide. Many people accidentally bring bed bugs home with them after a business trip or a vacation. If you suspect you may have gotten bed bugs on a recent trip, it may be a good idea to dispose of your luggage or to treat it for bed bugs before you bring it in your home.

Bed bugs are small and they are hard to spot. They are also nocturnal, being the most active in the hour before dawn. Bed bugs need to have the treatment applied directly to them in order for it to be effective, which makes treating them on your own difficult. Our expert technicians have been trained to find all the places that bed bugs are hiding and to apply the treatment to rid your home of bed bugs. Contact EcoTek for a free bed bug inspection today to determine the best bed bug control solution to eliminate your bed bug infestation.

Cockroach Control

cockroach exterminationCockroaches can be difficult to treat. It may feel like you get rid of them only to have them come back in a few weeks. This can be a frustrating process not only because cockroaches are a nuisance, but because they also spread bacteria and disease on your dishes and in your food as they crawl throughout it. Cockroaches can also cause breathing issues for people who have asthma and allergies.

If you have cockroaches, take the steps to get rid of them for good. Cockroaches breed rapidly and just a few can turn into an infestation. At EcoTek, we use a variety of methods to rid your home of roaches including baits, strips, gap elimination, powders and sprays. When we have finished treatment, you will no longer see any roaches, guaranteed. Call EcoTek today to set up a free inspection, and free same day service. Learn more about cockroach control services available from EcoTek.

Fleas and Tick Control

flea and tick extermination
Many people will contact EcoTek to deal with fleas and ticks in their yard because they are concerned for the safety of their pets. However, ticks are a serious safety issue for people too. We can completely eliminate them from around your property so they do not bite your or your pets and spread diseases like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Ticks can also come into your home by catching a ride on you or your pets.

Fleas can be quite dangerous for both you and your pet. They can carry tapeworms, cat scratch fever and tapeworms. Fleas multiply rapidly with a female laying up to fifty eggs a day. The flea eggs will fall off and land in your carpet. Home remedies often treat adult fleas, but do nothing to treat the eggs or larvae. If you notice your pets are miserable and scratching, you should check them for fleas. If you find them, you will need to treat your pets and your entire home with a flea and tick control treatment to stop this from being an issue in the future.

Rodent Control

rodent exterminationMice and rats can quickly damage the inside of your home. They will spread salmonella when they forage through your food spoiling it. The carry hantavirus and another 17 serious diseases, some that are deadly. Not only do they post a serious health risk, they can chew through the walls and wiring of your home causing serious damage and creating a possible fire hazard. They will leave fur, blood, droppings and urine trails throughout your home.

One or two mice can soon become a serious infestation because they multiply so rapidly. If you see signs of a rodent, you need to act quickly by calling the experts at EcoTek. Our trained technicians can help with taps and baits to work to eliminate all the rodent on your property. We offer a turnkey solution that includes treatment, cleanup and decontamination, as well as the installation of exclusion barriers to stop new mice from getting in your home. Learn more about our rodent control services.

Wildlife Control

wildlife removalWildlife can quickly cause damage to your property. There are a number of different animals in northern Virginia which include racoons, rabbits, deer, gophers and badgers. Bats and birds can also cause a problem when they nest in your attic or the vents leading into your home. Wildlife can cause an issue in two different ways. The first is that they can damage your home as they chew through insulation, walls and even wiring. Another possible issue is that the diseases that they can spread to your family. Another possibility is that the animal may die in your attic or crawlspace and cause issues with odor and decay.

At EcoTek, we offer humane trapping methods to deal with wildlife. Our wildlife control technicians will set traps and monitor them daily to make sure no animals die of dehydration or starvation. Once we trap the animal, we will drive at least twenty-five miles away to release it so it is not likely to return. We will install pest exclusion barriers in your home and around your yard to prevent wildlife from entering your home again. Contact EcoTek for a free inspection today.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I tell the different between fleas and bed bugs?

    There are distinct differences between the two. Flea bites tend to be around your ankles, and will appear randomly. Your pets may also show distress from fleas. Bed bug bites will be in a row and you will notice blood on your sheets. Both bites are very itchy.

    Do I need to do anything before I receive a treatment?

    This depends on the type o treatment that you receive. There are steps to take before a bed bug or flea treatment that include vacuuming and washing your bedding in hot water and drying it on high heat. You will receive a list of steps you need to complete when you make your appointment.

    Why do the ants keep coming back after?

    Many products you by at the store will only work temporarily because they do not eliminate the entire colony. Our expert technicians will use a variety of treatments to treat for ants and to stop them from being a problem in your home.

    What types of treatments do you offer?

    At EcoTek, we offer both conventional and organic treatments for the majority of our pest control solutions. The termite treatment is only available through conventional treatment methods, but we do offer chemical free termite monitoring stations.

    What types of cockroaches are most common in the Fairfax area?

    German and Oriental cockroaches are the most common cockroaches found inside the home. These are small and tend to be found in your kitchen and bathroom. American cockroaches can also wander in from outside. They are larger and can fly.

    How much is an inspection?

    At EcoTek, we offer free inspections for all our different services. The inspection will include a written estimate, and you can talk about the different treatment options available depending on the type of insect, the seriousness of the infestation and your property.

    How long does each treatment take?

    The majority of treatments will take about twenty minutes. If you have a large home, then the treatment may take longer. You can receive a specific time frame based on your square footage when you call. Some treatments like the bed bug treatment will take longer.

    What should I expect at a treatment?

    The first visit will include an inspection. The technician will determine the problem, and give you written treatment plan outlining the solution. The initial visit will take about thirty minutes, but you can plan on twenty minutes for any follow up treatments that are necessary.

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