Flea and Tick Control

Tick on FingerMany people assume that fleas and ticks come into their homes on their pets. In reality these pests can come into your home in a variety of ways including attaching themselves to you, your family or people that visit your home. You may also bring them in if you have visited somewhere that has had a flea infestation. Your pets may be the primary source especially if the flea and tick collars they are wearing are old.

Flea bites are extremely itchy and can be annoying. However, they can make your animal miserable. When your pets scratch they may develop hot spots that turn into sore or your pets can even become anemic from a serious infestation. Fleas can spread tapeworms, as well as cat scratch fever, which also affects dogs. Ticks pose a serious problem because of the seriousness of most tick-borne illnesses including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. If you find a tick on you or your pet, you need to remove it carefully with tweezers by pulling it straight back. Be sure that you do not leave a small portion of the head embedded in your skin.

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Flea Control

fleaWhile fleas can be a common occurrence, bed bugs are also on the rise. Many people assume that any itchy bites are caused by fleas, but you may actually have an issue with bed bugs. Both insects are small parasitic creatures that need blood to survive. However, the treatment processes for bed bugs and fleas are very different from each other. Fortunately, the experts at EcoTek can perform a free inspection and determine which type of infestation you are dealing with and give you a written estimate and treatment plan.

Here is a list of important facts about fleas in Virginia:

  • A female flea will consume fifteen times her weight in blood.
  • Fleas live between two to three months.
  • One flea can bite a victim hundreds of times a day.
  • Fleas have been on the earth for millions of years.

If your pets have fleas or you find them in your home, it is not enough to treat your pets for fleas. This will not address any fleas that are living in your carpet or in your furniture. When fleas lay eggs, they do not stay on your pet, but fall off as they roam throughout your home. Flea powders are messy and only deal with the adult fleas making it possible to have another infestation in a few weeks. The professionals at EcoTek can clear up your flea infestation permanently.

In addition to treating your home for fleas and ticks, we offer a yard treatment options that will reduce the likelihood that your pets will get fleas while spending time outdoors. The treatment is designed to allow you and your family to enjoy the outdoors with your pets again. Contact EcoTek today to learn about this option and the benefits it can give your family.

Tick Control

tickTicks may bite dogs more often, but this does not mean that you should not check your cat for fleas too. You should check your pets when they come inside especially in the spring and fall when ticks are naturally more active. The tick will look like a spot on your pet’s skin, and if it has been embedded for some time it will look like a growth. You will need to remove the tick with tweezers.

Ticks carry a number of diseases that affect both humans and animals. Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease can both causes serious complications and you will need to seek medical treatment if you show symptoms after being bitten by a tick. Ticks will crawl on their victims as people walk by through the grass or nearby bushes. When ticks are finished eating, they will detach and look for a place to hide and start an infestation. They can do this in your home. If you notice ticks in your home, you should call the experts at EcoTek.

The best protection against ticks to set up a schedule that includes regularly checking yourself, your family and your pets for ticks. Often tick bites will go unnoticed, and you may not realize that you were bitten until symptoms begin to show up.

If you suspect that you have a flea or tick problem, you should call the experts at EcoTek today. Our technicians will give you the support and help you need to make sure that your home is the sanctuary you deserve.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I tell that I was bitten by a tick?

    If you find a tick on you, you can be sure that you were bitten by a tick. Often a tick will detach before you realize that you were bitten. If you start to have a headache and feel achy along with a fever, you may have been bitten by a tick. If you develop a rash, you should go into the doctor. Different illnesses have distinct rashes. Lyme disease has a rash with a bull’s eye. Rocky Mountain spotted fever has a spotted rash on your ankles and wrists.

    How can I prevent fleas?

    The most important step you can take to prevent a flea infestation is to treat your pets with a flea preventative. You can use the collars, drops that you apply to their back, or an oral medication. Your vet can help you determine the best option for your pet.

    How do I prepare for a flea and tick treatment?

    You will need to vacuum your home carefully, as well as your furniture. You will need to wash your pet’s bedding in hot water, and if your pet has been on your bed, you will need to wash your bedding as well. These steps will help the flea treatment be more effective.

    Are fleas dangerous to humans?

    Fleas do carry diseases that can affect humans. In some cases, fleas can pass tapeworms onto people. They can also spread diseases like typhus and the plague, but that is not as common in the United States. They may also cause a serious allergic reaction in some people.

    Do ticks jump?

    Ticks do not jump or fly. They reach their victims by crawling onto them as the person passes by. Fleas are great jumpers and jump up to seven inches high and just over a foot away. This is quite a distance based on their small size.

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