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Mice and rats can cause more damage to your home than any other mammal in the world. Not only do they chew holes into your walls and chew through electrical wiring creating a fire hazard, they can ruin your food and other items that you have stored in your home. Rodents carry a number of diseases that can make people very sick and even prove fatal like hantavirus and the plague. Since rodents reproduce rapidly one or two can quickly turn into more than twenty. The damage that they do will continue to grow as their numbers expand.

rat controlMice and rats in your home can be a distressing site. It is important to take the necessary steps to stop them from coming into your home. You need to check around your foundation for any holes or weaknesses that you may find. You may need to install exclusion barriers there. You should check the vents that lead into your home and be sure they are covered with grates. Mice can cross thin electrical wires to find a way onto your roof and then work their way into your home through your attic. You should check there too.

Once mice or rats enter your home, it can take several days to clear out an infestation. This is why you need to call the experts at EcoTek who can help you by setting up a rodent control plan that will use a combination of baits and traps to remove the rodents from your home. Our turnkey solution includes cleaning up their nests, removing the animals and helping with the decontamination process. We will also install rodent exclusion barriers to stop this from happening again. Our team can help keep your family safe from the dangers that rodents cause.

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Four Signs that you might have a Rodent Infestation

  1. Small holes in the bottoms of cabinets, desk drawers and other furniture.
  2. Mice and rat droppings. It is important to act as soon as you see droppings to protect your family.
  3. Scratching noises in your walls or attics, which may be more noticeable at night.
  4. Tears in clothes or linen. Rodents will collect this material for their nests.

If you think you may have a mouse or a rat in your house, you should call the experts at EcoTek now. The sooner you take action, the safer it will be for your family. Plus, if you can stop the infestation before it becomes serious, it is much easier to deal with and you will have less damage that you need to repair. Take the steps to protect your family today.

Rodent Cleanup, Repair and Prevention Services

At EcoTek, we understand just how important it is to clean up the droppings and nests that the rodents leave behind. Many of the diseases that they carry can be found in these areas. Once the nests are cleaned up, you can begin repairing any damage.

Infestation Decontamination

Decontamination the areas where the rodents have red and traveled will remove the physical evidence they have left behind like blood, hair, urine and feces as well as nesting materials. These items can harbor bacteria. It will also address any odors that they may leave behind.

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Rodent Damage Repair

After the decontamination and cleanup has been done, it is important to repair any damage the rodents may have done. We will survey your home and repair any areas where they have chewed. Our EcoTek team can repair drywall, airducts, electrical wiring, insulation and address issues with plumbing or HVAC issues that the rodents may have caused.

Rodent Prevention Services

After the repair work is completed, we will survey your property to determine where the mice were getting in and install exclusion barriers that will stop them from gaining entry again. This can include areas around your pipes, vents into your home and areas around your foundation.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What diseases can I get from rodents?

    Rodents carry a number of serious diseases including Hantavirus, rat bite fever and hemorrhagic fever. They can also bring fleas into your home that can spread typhus or the plague. The can also spread salmonellosis which can cause stomach issues.

    What types of dangers are caused by a rodent infestation?

    Aside from the dangerous diseases that rodents spread by living trails of urine and feces throughout your home and in your food, they can cause a fire hazard when they chew through the electrical wiring in your home. After an infestation you should check your wiring to make it safe.

    Do you include rodent control in the treatment packages?

    Yes. Rodent control is included in all three of our Home Safe Guard and +Structural Pest and Termite Control packages. These packages include quarterly inspection of your home, and free resprays. They also include protection against all insects that may enter your home.

    Are there humane treatment options?

    Ask our technicians about the different treatment options and for the best solution for your infestation. We do have humane treatment options, and our technicians will check the traps either every day or every other day based on the seriousness of the infestation.

    Once I set up an infestation, how long will it take to get rid of the rodents?

    The length of time depends on the size of your infestation. We can make same day appointments if you call before noon. We will continue setting traps and checking until your home is rodent free. The sooner you call, the sooner the infestation will be cleared up.

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