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Northern Virginia wildlifeThere are a variety of animals that can damage your property and cause you to seek out wildlife control services for trapping and removing any animals that have invaded your business, home or surrounding property. In Northern Virginia there are a number of different animals that can damage your property including rabbits, deer, gophers, raccoons and badgers. They may set up shop around your property in an outbuilding on your property or inside your business or home. These creatures will eat, live and breed on your property, but they can also die and spread disease in the area. The foul odors can create a major health issue.

At EcoTek Termite and Pest Control of Northern Virginia, we offer wildlife removal services to protect you and your family from the dangers that wild animals on your property can create. Hiring a professional to help with the process can help you avoid being bitten and other risks that come with trapping the animals yourself. Our experts can also help dispose any animals that are already dead on your property. Set up an appointment with EcoTek today to learn how we can help you with your wild life issues.

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Wildlife Trapping and Removal

Although there a number of species of animals in northern Virginia, there are animals that we have to deal with more often. These include:

  • Raccoons
  • Skunks
  • Gophers
  • Grey Squirrels
  • Moles
  • Possums
  • Foxes
  • Woodpeckers
  • Bats
  • Deer

Raccoon, Possum, and Squirrel Control

Squirrels, possums and raccoons are known for making crawl spaces, attics and basements their homes. They will build nests and breed in these areas. Squirrels can have a few litters each year with up to eight offspring each time. Possums will breed in the spring and have up to twelve babies that survive each year. Raccoons can have up to six offspring each spring. Raccoons are clever and quickly adapt to the situation. They can cause the most damage and be dangerous as they protect their home. They are notorious to get into your trash and make a mess.

Snake Control

Snakes can help keep the rodent population under control but many people prefer to not have them anywhere near their homes. The experts at EcoTek can remove any snakes that you find on your property and protect you from possibly being bitten by a venomous snake. Many people mistakenly identify snakes, and this can pose a risk to you and your family.

Mole, Vole, Gopher and Woodchuck Control

woodchuckWoodchucks, gophers, moles and voles will burrow into your landscaping and destroy your garden, if you do not get them under control. Mole and voles tend to avoid human contact, but woodchucks and gophers can be aggressive threatened. Only a wildlife trapping expert should ever consider trying to rap and remove a woodchuck or gopher. Doing it yourself could lead to serious injury from their claws and large front teeth.

Skunk Control

A skunk’s first defense is the pungent spray that it will emit when it feels threatened. You do not want a skunk to be under your home when they spray. They can also spray your pets, leaving you with a stinky mess to clean up. Removing skunks safely without scaring them can be tricky, and it is best left to the EcoTek wildlife experts who can lure them away from your property and keep them from coming back.

Deer and Rabbit Control

Deer and rabbits are mostly harmless, but they are known to quickly eat through your entire garden. If you have issues with these animals, it is more about setting up perimeters that will keep them from getting into your garden. EcoTek can also remove any of these animals that may die on your property. Rabbits can be trapped, but then you will need to take the steps to prevent them from returning by releasing them miles away from your property.

Humane Methods of Trapping

humane trapAt EcoTek we focus on trapping and removing wildlife in the most humane way we can. We do not use spring traps, that can cause them pain. We also do not set up traps in places where the animals may die of starvation or dehydration. We will check each trap daily, so that we can remove the trapped animal and release it miles from your property.

Bat and Bird Removal and Exclusion

If you have bats and birds in your attic, you may face health issues from the droppings and guano. This can cause strong unpleasant odors. Instead of trapping these animals, we will lure them outside of the home and install exclusion barriers to make sure they cannot come back in. Once they have been removed, our experts can help with cleaning up the nests and dropping so that your family is safe from the diseases they can carry.

Wildlife Cleanup, Repair and Prevention Services

EcoTek can remove the wildlife from your property, and we offer a turnkey service that includes cleaning up the remnants of the animals and repair any damage they have done to your property as well as installing exclusion barriers to stop new animals from coming back.

Wildlife Cleanup

An important part of cleanup is to remove all the nests and dropping from your home and business. The feces, blood, hair and decayed carcasses can carry disease and spread unpleasant odors that can affect your entire property.

Wildlife Damage Repair

Often when wildlife invades your home they cause extensive damage as they chew through your walls and insulation to build nests for themselves and their young. They can chew through electoral wires, tear down the ducts in your crawlspace and wreak a lot of havoc. EcoTek can repair the damage that these animals can cause. Our prices are less expensive than your local independent contractor.

Wildlife Exclusion Services

Once you have dealt with wildlife issues, you likely never want to go through that again, which is why we will install pest exclusion barriers as part of the service. This will prevent any other wildlife from entering your home or property.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    In what areas of the home do animals make their nests?

    Wild life like raccoons, bats and squirrels will often make their nests in your attic. Other wildlife can make their homes in your crawlspace. Bird can build nests in your eaves or in the vents that lead from your bathroom or dryer.

    What are signs of wildlife infestations?

    Usually, you will notice the scratching sounds that they make in your walls or ceiling. You may notice droppings in your home or notice a strong smell in your attic or crawlspace. You may notice holes in your foundation or eaves or notice that animals have been getting in your trash.

    How often will you check the traps?

    We will check the traps every day or every other day. The traps are safe and humane. They will not harm the animals, and we will check often enough so that the animals will not die of dehydration or starvation. Your technician can answer questions about the schedule.

    Do you catch and release the animals?

    We only have a catch and release program. After we catch the wildlife, we will drive it a minimum of twenty-five miles from your home before it is released into the wild. This will prevent the animals from finding their way back home.

    How can I prevent wildlife from coming in my home?

    There are steps you can take to prevent animals from getting in your home. Installing exclusion barriers, keeping your home in good repair and fixing any damage to your home can help keep wild animals out of it.

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